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Checklist for your Move

Checklist for your Move

If relevant, check your rental contract to be sure to send notice of termination to meet the

termination date set out in the contract.

8 weeks before moving or earlier


□   The earlier, the better: Review your travel documents such as visa, customs documents etc.

for your new home country and check if they are valid

□   Check whether any permits are required e.g. for residency, work or vehicles


□   Think about the items you want to move, leave behind, sell or throw away. Make sure not

to forget the basement, garage, attic and the garden.

□   Contact your local one-group partner in order to schedule a date for the pre-move-survey.

If relevant, check with your human resources department if the company has a moving and

relocation policy. If so, there may be a maximum weight limit or a list of items which you

are not allowed to ship. Also check if you have an air allowance as well.

4 weeks before moving


□   Locate and organize your personal documents such as health- and financial documents,

certificates etc.. Put these in a safe place so that they can be taken personally with you.

□   Arrange for your mail to be forwarded

□   Notify schools and advise your doctor, dentist, insurance company, clubs, etc. about your


□   Terminate contracts with your energy provider (gas, electricity, heating), telephone and

internet company

□   In case of subscriptions, notify magazines, book and record clubs of your new address or

terminate subscriptions


□   Start preparing your household for the removal. The more organized you are the easier it

will be for you to keep track of everything during and after the move

□   Consume perishable goods and check with your moving company if alcohol and/or wine

can be imported into your destination country.

□   If you will be splitting your shipment then please make sure to separate or mark your goods

for each shipment type. For instance: air freight, sea freight, road freight and storage.

□   Decide the moving schedule with your local one-group partner. Make sure to give your

new contact details and address at this time.

□   Your rental contract will give information as to what needs to be done in order to handover

your residence to the landlord. Make sure to allow enough time in case renovation or

repairs need to be made.

□   Keep original invoices for new purchases (for customs import facilities)

□   Ask for final accounts for gas, water and electricity.

□   Complete all outstanding credit agreements

2 weeks before moving


□   Don’t forget: Have hotel and flight reservations been confirmed?

□   Have your car checked and prepared for overseas (in case it will be shipped) at a garage.

□   Deactivate the alarm system, empty the tank, disconnect the battery etc.

□   Inform your bank and your credit card companies about your new address.

□   Decide where you will stay during the packing and loading process. If your packing and

loading will be over several days then it may be wise to stay in a hotel for the last 1 or 2



□   Dispose items you do not want to be moved to your new destination.

□   Supply your contact number for the time during and after your move.

□   Complete the insurance form and/or valued inventory.

□   Check with your customer service coordinator with regard to VAT refunds on new


□   Clean any items which have been used outside. For example, garden tools, toys, bicycles,

empty vacuum cleaner bags, etc if they are to be shipped to your new destination. This is

very important for a hassle free import into your new destination country.

1 week before moving


□   Identify items which you will need immediately upon delivery of the household goods.

□   These can be placed in a special carton “one-box” and loaded at the container doors.

□   Terminate your registration at the city hall and obtain your deregistration document.

 If necessary, ask family members or friends to look after your children / pets during the



□   Prepare your removal goods for the move (put air/stay/storage stickers on the respective


□   Empty lockers at school and work

□   Return or retrieve any items you lent to other people

□   Drain fuel from any motors, such as lawnmowers

1 day before moving


□   Make sure that important documents (passport, visa etc.), plane tickets, keys etc. are put

□   aside in order to avoid that they are packed by mistake


□   Prepare all goods that you want to transport yourself

Day of the move


□   Go through the packing details with the supervisor of the moving crew. It is recommended

to walk through all rooms incl. garage, attic, basement with the crew and point out items

that need special handling

□   At this time the supervisor will also be looking at any pre-existing damage in your house.

□   For instance, any damages to walls, floors, glass, etc.. He will complete a form at the time

of the walk thru and will go thru again once everything has been packed and loaded.

□   If possible, be present during the packing of all goods in order to answer any questions

□   After packing, walk through all rooms with the supervisor to make sure that nothing has

been forgotten or packed by mistake. Open all drawers and cabinets and check if they are

empty. Look behind the doors and under furniture that is supposed to stay.

□   Please check and keep a copy of the packing list!

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