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General Advice

  • Plan your move 4-6 weeks in advance.
  • Decide on packing days.
  • Arrange alternative accommodation and prepare flight details.
  • Plan to move family pets.
  • Estimate replacement values, arrange insurance with Moving Aggregator.
  • Prepare letters of introduction & records for new schools.
  • Arrange for the sale or disposal of unwanted furniture.
  • Send change of address cards to: Post Office, Tax authorities, Banks, Insurance, Friends & family, Schools Subscriptions, Credit card companies, Employer, Medical records, Vehicle license.
  • Obtain all visas or entry permits for the country you're moving to.
  • Check passport validity.
Prior to Moving Day
  • Disconnect all electrical appliances.
  • Empty, clean, drain refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, leave to dry to avoid bad odors & bacterial growth.
  • Vacuum all carpets & rugs, dispose of perishable food & plants.
  • Transfer bank accounts and settle outstanding bills.
  • Cancel all services: Domestic staff, Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone, Newspaper delivery, Groceries
On the Day
  • When our truck arrives: show our crew leader the whole house, including the garage & the attic. Advice our packing crew. Arrange supervision for pets and children.
  • Keep all paperwork in document kit, for safe keeping.
  • Use disposable table ware, prepare simple meal or order out.
  • Clearly mark any items not part of the removal.
  • When departing residence turn off all lights & appliances.
  • Securely lock all doors and windows.

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